Top Secret Locations

Shhhhh, these stops are top secret and for only those in the know. Are you wanting to really experience the hidden treasures of Litchfield National Park?  Here you will find a few areas that you may not have been aware of or taken the time to explore before.

  • Greenant Creek – also known as Tjaetaba Falls plunge pool. This short 7 km return walk through the bush leads you to a small beautifully set plunge pool with an infinity style edge looking over the stunning National Park escarpment. A traditional sacred place can be viewed from a look-out on the way.  It is often quiet, a perfect place to get away from the crowds at Buley and Florence.  This is best enjoyed on the shoulder seasons at end of the Wet season and after the first few rains at the beginning of the Wet.
  • Tabletop Swamp – How many times have you driven past the sign on your way to Wangi falls for the Tabletop Swamp? This is a true gem and is just a short unsealed drive off the main road, easily accessible with a 2-wheel drive as long as you don’t mind your car getting a little dirty. Wildlife thrive here and each time you visit this little spot it will look slightly different.  An indication of where the water level rises to in the wet, is left etched into the bark of the surrounding trees.
  • Rum Jungle Lake – just a short distance out of the town of Batchelor, this man-made lake is a great spot to bird watch and is often by-passed. Although you cannot swim, if you are staying in the area, it is a great place for a short outing or to take a picnic and to maybe see a few wallabies in their natural habitat, especially in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • Wangi Falls Loop Walk – What a way to see a variety of habitats in Litchfield National Park. If you haven’t made the effort to get to the top of Wangi yet, you are missing out! Sunset standing at the top of this natural waterfall as the fruit bats depart on their evening endeavours, is a photographer’s paradise.
  • Nina’s Ark – A wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary which really cares for the native animals. Get up close and personal with some rescued animals. This experience takes some planning as it is by appointment only, so plan ahead and make this an exclusive experience that your family will love.
  • Florence Creek Picnic Area – The walk between Buley Rockholes and Florence Falls is a shaded and reasonably flat walk on a sealed pathway. Have you taken the time to have a picnic and relax by the creek?  This is a great place to take the children for the afternoon as they can play in the shallow water, whist you relax with a nice picnic.
  • Bamboo Tin Mine – This place is the ruins of a short-lived small tin mine.  Tin was mined at the site sporadically from 1906 until it was abandoned in 1955.  With easy access from the carpark, let the children really imagine the harsh environment these miners worked in; imagine the hardship they experienced every day; the long trek to town, with no real roads, to sell your meagre findings.
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