Welcome to Litchfield

Top End, Northern Territory, Australia
…so much more than a great national park

This Northern Territory region has more visitors than it’s famous sister, Kakadu. Be prepared to stay longer around Litchfield National Park as there is more to see and do than you might think.

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This is what people come to the Top End to see and experience. What visitors don’t often realise is that they can stay nearby to allow the time to enjoy this spectacular place that is a favourite with locals.

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Image: Paul Arnold

A bit of everything

A region full of contrasts and experiences this itinerary attempts to provide you with a tour that allows you to sample a variety of experiences in just 7 days. 

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Adventure Seekers

Litchfield is known as a place to get back to nature, to contemplate ancient landscapes and relax in cool waterholes – but if you are looking to raise your heart rate we can certainly provide.

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Iconic Pubs and Historic Sites Around Litchfield

Whilst we are well known for our stunning waterfalls and waterholes, we also have a bit of a reputation for another type of waterhole – an iconic Territory Pub.

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Image: Paul Kaju

Back to Nature

Our region hosts a small number of townships and villages separated by kilometres of natural bushlands, rivers and waterways, pristine seas and beaches, geological wonders dating back 500 million years and untouched habitats.

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